Our newest service adds an extra element of relaxation to the space allowing you to enjoy and unwind some much needed you time. 

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Our Licensed Massage Therapist has just the right thing to help you unwind from stress or loosen up after a tough week at the gym! 
•Hot Stone Massage
•Swedish Massage
•Deep Tissue Massage
All massages are available in 60 and 90 minute services. Appointment by call or email only.


Hot Stone Massage

•60 minute service~85.00
•90 minute service~105.00

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage 

•60 minute service~80.00
•90 minute service~100.00
**Recurring Monthly Members receive 15% all massage services**


Meet our Massage Therapist!

Five years ago, I dreamed about leaving my dead-end job to find a passionate and fulfilling career. I have always kept a job for the sole reason of earning a paycheck to help support my family my job was a job, not a passion. Over the years I settled and put my own needs to the side accepting that Monday through Friday grind and I would count down the seconds until I could clock out and enjoy my weekend. The mundane routine consumed my entire outlook on life and left me unhappy down to my core. In Fall of 2017 I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a program to become a licensed massage therapist. Through countless hours of hard work, dedication, and the support of my friends and family I received my diploma 14 months later. Going on to pass my licensing exam in early 2019, my dreams of finding a passionate career was finally a reality. I could finally say that I genuinely enjoy the work I am doing, and for the firs time I feel as though I am making a difference in people’s lives.   Prior to becoming a licensed massage therapist, I enjoyed receiving the occasional massage, leaving my body, mind and soul to feel refreshed. The thought of giving a similar feeling to anyone who I have the pleasure of working with is sole reason I embarked on this incredible journey. I have always been passionate about finding ways to care for others, whether it be raising my two children, taking care of elderly family members or helping those around me who are in need. This career path has given me the opportunity to expand upon my fundamental beliefs that karma and good will finds its way back to you.